Press Kit


Enso Entertainment is an indie game studio founded by James Cruz, Ryan Lingo and Gilbert Guerrero in 2017. Our goal is to make fun interesting games in all of our favorite genres including but not limited to anime, metroidvania, bullet hell, platformers, jrpgs, casual, arcade, and eventually VR. Our current project Waifu Fight Dango Style is a heavily anime inspired game combing the basics of Pong, Breakout, Street Fighter and a sprinkle of Huniepop. The game is currently being developed for PC/MAC.


Early History

Before there was a company there was a early prototype of pong and anime girls in 2010. The project was never really considered to be a real game as it was just used to familiarize the team with mobile development. However, once we decided to bounce the ball off the chest of the anime girl we knew we had to let the world experience it. However, real life got in the way and the game was abandoned for years until late 2016 when the team got back into contact and started really thinking about going into indie game development. The team decided to start Enso Entertainment in February 2017, the roles were set and the journey began.



Waifu Fight Dango Style Pre-Beta Trailer


More screenshots are available upon request.



James Cruz: Game Designer

Gilbert Guerrero: Game Developer



Web: Enso Entertainment