Dev Log

Pre Beta Logs (incomplete)

Refer here for the latest logs

PB 2.44.0:

– Add Kuroi announcer voices
– Add Kuroi Grade voices
– Add combat cut in system
– Change volume controls to use percents instead of decimals
– Fix issue where two player mode would sometimes not allow either player to take damage
– Fix issue where challenge mode would not load boss stage

PB 2.43.0:

– Add Akane’s enrage
– Add Improved Iromi’s enrage
– Add more support for controllers
– Add support for reward boosts based on difficulty setting
– Add new story art (Phase 1)
– Tweak score system to take into account player performance
– Tweak ball movement to give player’s move control over trajectories
– Tweak performance of phase 2 boss stage
– Adjust bio UI to show the close button more easily
– Move inventory bag to home screen for easier access
– Move version text to prevent it from being covered by main buttons
– Adjust pause button
– Adjust Volume text
– Adjust spacing of nav buttons
– Adjust size of dialogue box
– Adjust alignment of story art in story scenes
– Change loading indicator to green dango
– Change boob buttons on main menu
– Fix issue where paddle would sometimes not collided into top and bottom barriers
– Fix issue where paddle would move when hit by projectiles
– Fix issue where user could resize game window to unsupported formats
– Fix issue where retrying on challenge mode would not reset AI level
– Fix issue where using Kagami’s pow would sometimes cause the paddle to leave the game area
– Fix issue where Kasumi’s enrage would sometimes cause paddles to get stuck in walls

PB 2.42.0:

– Speed up text speed when mouse or button is pressed for story and tutorial
– Update Kagami’s Enrage Ability to add a mechanical drunken effect
– Add Yume’s enrage ability Phase 1
– Haruka’s POW ability destroys all POW offensive abilities
– Hide gameobjects during enrage cutsence
– Fix issue where walls would not spawn correctly
– Fix issue where text scroll speed was inconsistent after winning or losing in story mode
– When game is in window mode the cursor will not escape the screen
– Fix issue where sometimes when you lose from a timeout the game’s win or lose effect bugs out
– Fix issue where sometimes losing to the boss on phase 1 during story mode created an infinite dialogue loop
– Fix issue where Kasumi’s enrage ability would sometimes activate without enrage meter being full
– Fix issue where the boss phase 1 POW was not causing damage to the player when penetrating the wall
– Fix issue where Haruka’s POW would sometimes bug out the stage
– Fix issue where sometimes quitting story mode and playing challenge would cause a bug where no damage would occur making the game unplayable
– Fix issue where sometimes Kasumi’s Enrage would cause the paddle to get stuck inside the walls.
– Fix issue where balls where hitting an invisible barrier past the walls bouncing them back into the scene
– Fix issue where sometimes when fighting the boss no damage would occur

PB 2.41.0:

– Add Midori’s Enrage ability
– Add Kasumi’s Enrage ability
– Add feedback message after feedback was sent from in-game
– Add confirmation when user decides to clear data from options menu
– Remove ball fart noises
– Fix issue where kagami’s enrage ability was using Iromi’s ability
– Fix issue where result screen bugged out when game lost focus
– Fix issue where kagami’s enrage ability would sometimes not work


PB 2.40.0:

# Changelog:
– Improve loading of boss stage and reduce memory load
– Add a show ranking button that will show your ranking if it is available
– Add title of currently loaded Leader Board
– Add text speed option in options
– Add default text speed
– Load default store (Potion Store)
– Add back buttons to option menus
– Rename options inside of menu to advance options
– Remove secondary confirm for vs mode character select
– Remove secondary confirm for vs mode stage select
– Add ability to continue using mouse, keyboard or controller
– Story mode should always be showing some sort of dialog
– Reduce size of extra button ( it was bigger than the visual art)
– Fix issue where chibi bubbles could still be seen during enrage activation
– Fix issue where boss fireballs would still fly towards boss after defeating player
– Fix issue where pressing ESC would bring up graphics menu blocking pause menu
– Fix issue where game did not pause when player would switch screens
– Fix issue where level 25 portrait was not sized correctly.
– Fix issue where pause menu ui element was bigger than actual text
– Fix issue where enrage ability broke tutorial mode
– Fix issue where final boss transformation would still allow the user to see some effects from the game like balls glows, particle effects, etc
– Fix issue where bomb particles could still be seen during enrage ability activation screen
– Fix issue where key mappings would stop working once player entered character select screen for vs mode.

# Known issues:
– Sometimes you can defeat the final boss form without actually playing her
– controllers might bug out after mapping investigate
– Sometimes when choosing extra and then choosing store the menu does not – change (not able to reproduce)
– casino not updating winners name for mega jackpot

PB 2.39.0:

# Changelog:
– Add enrage ability (only iromi and kagami have one, other share iromi’s)
– Add Kasumi enrage ability (drunk effect)
– Tweak Iromi enrage ability (bouncing ball of death not final)
– Add graphics options to options menu
– Add numbers for hp so users can see their hp above 100
– Change the earthquake effect and explosion for death of phase 1 boss
– Change the earthquake and explosion effect for death of phase 2 boss
– Fix bug where player paddle would shake erratically when moving up or down

# Known issues:
– Sometimes you can defeat the final boss form without actually playing her
– controllers might bug out after mapping investigate
– Sometimes when choosing extra and then choosing store the menu does not – change (not able to reproduce)
– casino not updating winners name for mega jackpot

PB 2.38.0:

– Add first phase of new mechanic stage ability (for now each stage has same ability)
– Add option to toggle fps counter
– Add temporary sound for pocky gun
– Add sound for stage ability
– Add sound for taunt and pow when they are ready
– Fix issue where second phase boss attack would attack herself if player was already dead
– Fix issue where player 1 paddle used sushi eyes for when using cat paddle

PB 2.37.0:

– Enable testers to attempt the boss fight from the menu
– Darken game backgrounds to improve gameplay
– Darken pow line to show power bar more clearly
– Give phase 1 boss a weaker version of phase 2 POW
– Make phase 2 boss a little more predictable
– Improve game AI
– Add additional sound effects for wall and explosions
– Fix bug where tutorial mode would break the controls in the game
– Fix issue where the wrong eye animation was loading for player 2 paddle
– Fix issue where Yuri’s POW sound effect would continuously play in some instances
– Fix issue with steam linking playfab accounts incorrectly
– Fix issue where Midori’s POW was taking up more memory than usual
– Fix issue where the game was loading an enormous amount of resources

PB 2.36.0:

– Update tutorial to include buff and defbuff explanations
– Add ability to skip grade screen counting use enter or the mouse button
– Fix local multiplayer control assignments
– Fix local multiplayer character select screen
– Fix controls during gameplay for controller.

Known Issues (under investigation):
– Rarely you can defeat the boss’s final form without actually battling her after cut-scene ends
– Sometimes store doesn’t work when clicked from extras
– Controller rarely bugs out when setting mappings

PB 2.35.1:

– Fix win/lose explosion effects
– Fix tutorial bug that breaks the game when you quit the tutorial

Known Issues (under investigation):
– Rarely you can defeat the boss’s final form without actually battling her after cut-scene ends
– Sometimes store doesn’t work when clicked from extras
– Controller rarely bugs out when setting mappings

PB 2.35.0:

– Clean up tutorial mode
– Add Win/Lose effects
– Add ability to customize controls for keyboard and controller
– Remove level indicator from AI portrait
– Fix bug where VS loading screen was used for non battle scenes
– Fix bug where tutorial mode bugged out story mode
– Fix bug where tutorial mode bugged out challenge mode
– Fix bug where hot keys where overriding tutorial flow
– Fix bug where sound settings would max out all volume if none was set previously
– Fix bug where paddle had wrong animations
– Fix bug where AI stats did not reset after returning to the menu
– Fix bug where version was incorrect when submitting feedback
– Fix bug where the pause menu was not accessible because the tutorial screen was on top of it.

PB 2.34.1:

– Add an exit tutorial button
– Fix tutorial bug where taunt would not reset correctly
– Fix tutorial bug where potion usage would not reset correctly
– Fix tutorial bug where pow was being granted from only one hit
– Fix tutorial bug where the tutorial reward was being granted multiple times
– Polish up tutorial UI

PB 2.34.0:

– Add interactive tutorial mode
– Remove text based tutorial
– Fix bug where player could not reset dango ball to default look

PB 2.33:

– Add vs screen
– Add AI levels
– Reduce ball spawns to 5
– Increase ball spawn rate
– Implement Steam Login Integration
– Implement Steam Achievements Phase 1
– Fix bug where AI levels did not reset

PB 2.32:

– Waifu stats have been reworked to display whole numbers to simplify confusion and show better level gains
– Add new Potion of Laifu which rebuilds 6 random walls sections
– Add new Pow transitions when a POW is executed
– Adjust Kasumi’s Pow to give her a flat heal in addition to a wall heal based on her def stat.
– Change loading screen to include our special waifus
– Potion window UI has been adjusted in order to support potion hotkeys
– Rename character to waifus and inventory to prevent player’s confusion on where to find the inventory
– Adjust potion shop UI
– All potions prices and amounts are not set to x1 instead of x3 prices
– Add controls menu in options menu
– Add hotkeys for pow, taunt, bag and 6 potions
– Adjust Midori’s Pow graphic to clearly show her pocky sticks
– Increase Challenge mode xp over story mode xp
– Clean up UI menus
– Improve polish and readability of in-game UI
– Improve UI of mini games
– Add shaders to balls and walls to help them stand out more than the
stage background
– Fix Kagami’s boob area in casino where clicking on the right boob did not spin reel
– Fix bug where Phase 2 boss would not always rebuild her walls
– Fix bug where Phase 1 boss would fire too many POW abilities
– Fix bug where boss can kill you even after they die by firing their POW ability right before death
– Fix bug where Phase 2 boss walls would rebuild but not always heal to full health
– Fix bug where Yuri’s POW would poison invisible walls
– Fix bug where the reroll potion would give incorrect stats
– Fix broken mini games

PB 2.31.2:
– Add cosmetic shop
– Show casino win more clearly
– Fix Jackpot bug
– Fix Start button bug

Alpha Logs (incomplete)

Alpha 2.03.0

-added splash screen
-added potion graphics
-added potion bgs
-reworked some menus

Alpha 2.02.0:

-fixed save bug for coins and potions

Alpha 2.01.0:

-moved bag to correct position

Alpha 2.0.0:

-Implement store system phase 1
-Implement inventory system phase 1
-Implement potion system phase 1

Alpha 1.9.0:

-added dango coin system phase 1
-added loading screen hints system
-added customize button disabled
-adjusted mini game collision detection
-changed name of endless mode to challenge mode
-fixed ui for buff selection screen
-fixed bug on grade screen text

Alpha 1.8.0:

-Added endless mode phase 1
-Added stage ball spawning based on stage level
-fixed char select resolution issues
-fixed mini game

Alpha 1.7.0:

-fixed home screen with home screen navigation
-fixed char select with instant loading when not in test mode
-fixed Kasumi animations for more liveliness
-fixed girl panel alignment
-fixed home screen alignment

Alpha 1.6.0:

-added Kasumi
-added sleep animation on paddle
-tweaked sleep particle effect
-tweaked character select screen
-fixed player character names not showing on game ui

Alpha 1.5.1:

-hotfix for combo system not working on other stages. tweak powerup meter with combo system.

Alpha 1.5.0:

-added combo system
-fixed some ui making gray colored chibis as colored
-tweaked some particle effects

Alpha 1.4.0:

-feedback menu changes
-home screen changes
-added girl panel
-added rating system
-added info panel for disabled features
-tweaked ball spawning mechanics
-tweaked max ball mechanics
-tweaked girl stages
-fixed paddle bug
-fixed explosion bug
-fixed particle effects bug
-fixed menu alignment issues
-fixed portrait bug


Alpha 1.3.0:

-added new main menu screen and navigation system
-added home panel screen
-added hp dmg from dango balls hitting your wall
-fixed game over bug

Alpha 1.0.0:

-removed copyright music
-removed copyright graphics
-added music
-added new game over screen
-fixed some bugs around collisions
-fixed demo player1
-tweaked mini game
-added version number bottom left

Pre Alpha 1.54.2:

– tweaks on ball and collision with paddle
– stuck balls should no longer happen

Pre Alpha 1.54.1:

-fixed some resolution bugs
-fixed loading issue bug
-fixed collision bug

Pre Alpha 1.54.0:

-Reworked game spawning systems in order to better support multiplayer implementation.
-Reworked game power up systems in order to support multiplayer implementation
-Reworked special mini game with haruka
-Reworked some UI systems
-Spruced up power up look for yume and iromi
-Rework of power up system now allows AI to use all power ups player can use

Pre Alpha 1.53.1:

-performance fixes and physic changes broke some powerups (fixed)

Pre Alpha 1.53.0:

-fixed performance issues by reworking physics objects in scenes
-reduce cpu load by removing meshes and non moving rigid bodies
-fixed issue with char select squished pictures
-fixed issue with grade screen showing Jessica huge
-fixed ball stuck in wall issue (more testing needed to know if issue is completely gone)
-tweaking ball masses while reducing the number of times physics are read by the cpu

Pre Alpha 1.52.0:

-added new debug options
-added randomizer for girls during arcade mode

Pre Alpha 1.51.0:

-Fixed Title screen issues with pixels and alignment
-Added beep effect for selection buttons on main menu

Pre Alpha 1.50.0:

-Added Grade System.
-Added new Intro Screen.
-Tweaked Main Menu Screen.
-Polished Kasumi powerup for Player 1

Pre Alpha 1.41.0:

-Fixed Press to Start Issue

Pre Alpha 1.40.0:

-Added Kagami
-Added boob and pocky buttons
-Added Press Start blink text
-Added Feedback area

Pre Alpha 1.39.0:

-Added Haruka twitch animations and boobs animations
-Added Yume twitch animations and boob animations
-Added Haruka firefox powerup animations
-Added some tweaks to Iromi power up for player 1 only
-Added Akane idles and boob animations (unfinished)
-Added Yume to stage selection

Pre Alpha 1.38.0:

-Added Iromi powerup for player1 (still testing)
-Tweaked Akane and Haruka powerup
-Added Timer Changes
-Added polish powerup animations and sprites to Midori and Kagami
-fixed bug around pausing game

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