About Game

Core Mechanics:

Waifu Fight Dango Style, uses the core basics of Pong and Breakout to achieve victory. Simply put, both games use balls in order to score points and/or to destroy objects. However, in WFDS the object of the game is to deplete your opponent’s life to zero which in this case is represented by a pocky stick. This is simply achieved by smashing different colored dangos into your opponent’s dango walls. Each dango has different attributes such as speed, size, and damage. Once the walls are destroyed dangos will be able to pass through causing direct damage to your opponent.

The main grey dango is special in that it changes color based on the last player touching it with their paddle, blue for player one and red for player two. Once the grey ball has changed to your color it can then earn you a huge POW increase by hitting the girl’s boobs in the middle. POW is used to unleash your waifu’s special attack.

Your POW meter is displayed by a N% and a chibi which colors itself as your meter increases. Besides POW, you will be able to earn a TAUNT which is used to increase your POW by a set amount. This amount is based on your current combo score. Combo points are earned by hitting the girl’s boobs, dango walls, and/or doing damage without getting hit. Combos also affect your current crit chance.

You will need to decide whether it is more beneficial to burn your combo to TAUNT for POW or to keep your combo for higher critical strikes. At anytime you may use a potion by opening your inventory bag.

And finally, if neither player has won by the 60 second mark sudden death will occur. At this point, bombs will continue to spawn every second causing total chaos. Eventually you or your opponent will become victorious.

Waifu Fight Dango Style supports both single and multiplayer game modes. Each game mode is listed below with a quick description explaining its features.

Story Mode:

  • Each playable character will have their own personal story featured here.

  • Players will be able to play through each character’s story to unlock special features, gain XP & levels, and earn rewards.

  • Each story path will be unique and predetermined.

  • Each story will consist of the following: an introduction, 7 different character stages with character dialog before & after, a boss stage with dialog before & after, and an ending.

  • Playable characters will include: Iromi, Akane, Jessica, Yume, Kasumi, Midori, Haruka, Kagami, & Dr. Yuri Shimizu

  • Amanda, Madoka, Ryoko, and Paige will eventually be playable.

  • Potions will be usable in this mode.

Arcade Mode:

  • Traditional local multiplayer set in an arcade fashion of play

  • Supports XBox One & PS4 Controllers

  • Potions are not allowable

Challenge Mode:

  • This mode will allow players to continue to play through an endless loop of stages.

  • Players will be able to unlock special features, gain XP & levels, earn rewards, and compete on leaderboards based upon how far they went before being defeated.

  • Each iteration will increase the game’s difficulty substantially.

  • Each iteration will consist of 8 random character stages and then the boss stage.

  • After each stage is complete, players will be granted a special random bonus that will carry over to the next stage and the next stage only. After that stage is complete the process will be repeated.

  • Potions will be usable in this mode.

Online Mode (Possible Addition):

  • This will allow players to compete online against each other.

  • Two modes will be available: Casual Play & Ranked PvP

  • Casual Play will allow players to invoke challenges among other players via a chat system or a friend’s list.

  • Potions and Levels will be an option for Casual Play.

  • Ranked PvP (Matchmaking) will use a ELO system.

  • Ranked PvP wins/losses will be shown on leaderboards.

Casino & Various Mini Games:

  • Players will be able to gamble coins and earn more coins and/or rewards. Leaderboards apply!