Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #6

Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #6

Greetings & Salutations Waifu Fans,

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to post new material but I’m finally here! These last 2 months everyone at Enso Entertainment has been hard at work trying out new ideas. For instance, Cal has been making sweet arcade cabinets to host our games while Ryan and his fiancee Demi made actual Haruka ears that we sold at San Japan. I’d like to take a quick moment to mention both of them and how their contribution has made a impact.

So first off, Cal’s arcade cabinets have really been able to show off Waifu Fight’s multiplayer functionality. As soon as people walk by and see the eye candy they’re immediately hooked into playing the game. Aesthetics are very important and first impressions are everything. The other great attraction is that people know what an arcade cabinet is and therefore makes it less intimidating to walk up to check out Waifu Fight! and/or talk to us at the booth. Cal’s idea is to continue to add a cabinet for each new convention and over time build up an arcade arsenal! Fantastic idea and we all thank you!

Ryan and Demi’s Haruka ears were extremely cute and popular at San Japan X this last weekend. We also had our lovely friend Faith cosplayed Haruka with their ears, a wig, tail, dress, and geta (Japanese shoes). Again, another solid addition for us that fans and random people purchased and wore!! Hmm, Kagami bunny ears or Midori earphones anyone?

  (Faith as Haruka and another girl who purchased a set of ears.)

We also had a wonderful Waifu Fight! tournament on Saturday and I’d like to share the statistics of that event with everyone!

Midori            (7/22)             32%

Haruka           (4/22)             18%

Jessica            (3/22)             14%

Kagami           (2/22)               9%

Iromi               (2/22)               9%

Yume               (2/22)               9%

Kasumi           (1/22)            4.5%

Akane             (1/22)             4.5%

Funny to note that Midori is in the lead once again followed by Haruka. And if you haven’t figured it out already, Midori won the tournament! Congratulations to Brandon, our San Japan X Waifu Fight! Champion.

  (Brandon is holding our framed Waifu Fight! comic strip.)

We’d like to thank all of our fans who visited us this weekend in San Antonio at San Japan X! We had a wonderful time and look forward to San Japan XI next year. We will be at Realm’s Con next month in Corpus Christi for all who want to come by and check us out!

So until next time, have a wonderful week and weekend.

James Cruz

CEO & Game Designer