Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #5

Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #5

Greetings & Salutations Waifu Fans,

Well, I’m finally back lol… Its been awhile since my last update so I wanted to share with everyone our experience with our first Waifu Fight tournament we held this past weekend at the Corpus Christi Comic Con.

First off, the tournament went extremely well with 12 fierce competitors facing off in single elimination combat. Out of all the matches played every waifu was chosen at least once. Here are the results in order from greatest to least picked over 11 matches + one bye.

Midori            (6/23)             26%

Haruka           (4/23)             17%

Iromi               (3/23)             13%

Kagami           (3/23)             13%

Jessica            (2/23)               9%

Kasumi           (2/23)               9%

Yume              (2/23)                9%

Akane             (1/23)                4%

Gilbert and I were side betting to see which waifu would win and which would be picked most often. As you can see, Gilbert is obsessed with Midori but at least he got one correct where as I apparently failed!

Most Selected Waifu:          Gilbert – Midori             James – Haruka

Winner:                                    Gilbert – Midori             James – Jessica

As for the results, they seem somewhat average based on the total number of players and matches played. If anything, I’m rather surprised Akane is at the very bottom because she is the most basic and easiest waifu to play. With all that said, Haruka took home the gold and so I decided to unlock her for all our current alpha testers. I’d like to see more results with her new “POW” ability and to see play testers reactions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

James Cruz

CEO & Game Designer