Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #4

Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #4

Greetings Waifu Fans,

This weekend is coming to a close and sadly we won’t have our normal update. But don’t worry, 2.19 is coming and so is our story mode content. Our main focus has been getting stuff ready for the Corpus Christi Comic Con and San Japan X. We wanted to have local multiplayer ready for both conventions because we plan on hosting local tournaments with cool prizes. We also have a special treat in store for anyone attending the event. So please come by, sign up, and say hi to us all!

Anyway, on to quickly talk about version 2.18. Many players, including ourselves, have been wanting some sort of log out feature. Well, it finally has been added and can be found in the menu tab under options. We also put in a new reward system for completing each tier in challenge mode. This will allow players a easier way to farm dango coins at a much faster rate. Those coins will be needed for a fun new feature we are adding soon. Players will be able to spend their dango coins playing a multi-wheel slot machine at the Golden Bunny Casino for more coins and/or other unique gifts.

Ohhh before I go, I have one last topic I need to mention. We noticed lots of players are not opening their bento boxes within their inventory. Be sure to click or tap on them to open them. They contain various rewards such as dango coins or potions. Eventually, we will add other items and maybe inclusive cosmetic graphics. Please let us know what you think by submitting in game feedback or by sending me an email to James@ensoentertainment.com.

Have a wonderful weekend,

James Cruz

CEO & Game Designer