Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #3

Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #3

Welcome Waifu Fans,

Looking back at my post from last week, I noticed it was rather long! So therefore, this week I’ll try to keep things a bit lighter! As you all know I said I would start this week and move forward talking about design and implementation. So lets start out with our latest version 2.17.

This version added some minor tweaks and small graphic updates to several characters. We also added a SFX volume control because certain “dings” and “bings” started to get annoying to some players, including myself. But the main issue was to change our cute, lovable, and favorite fox girl Haruka.

Since the beginning, I disliked how Haruka’s power ability functioned in the game and knew it needed to be changed. My original design and thought process when I created it seemed cool but soon after being added to the game it led to a disaster of problems. The major issue was either having both balls get stuck on one side or by being so big and having no force no interaction would take place. Each iteration seem to make it worse and finally I gave up. As a designer, sometimes you have to just let things go and step away. So I would focus on other stuff and from time to time go back and try something new. And like before, it would still turn out to be total crap. Finally, after months of trying different ideas I began to think about Waifu Fight’s limitations and what else might be possible. This led me to experiment using other in game objects to do my dirty work.

Haruka’s new power takes advantage of your paddle and your opponents dango walls. She still eats dangos as before but only by touching them with her fire foxes that surround her paddle. After eating a dango, her fire foxes replace dango wall sections and act as live bombs. These bombs explode upon any contact and will chain explode into other bombs causing massive damage. This type of power is more of a two stage process in that it takes time setting up but if done correctly can wipe out your opponent. It adds a new element to the game and really expresses Haruka’s childish and zany personality. As of now, this change has also led me to redesign our hidden character’s power ability which will be coming soon!

As Haruka would say, “Nom, nom, nom…..”

Have a Happy 4th of July!

James Cruz

CEO & Game Designer