Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #2

Waifu Fight Designer’s Blog #2

Good Evening Waifu Fans,

This week I’d like to answer a question which comes up all the time, “Where did the idea for Waifu Fight come from or how was it created?”.. To answer this question, I must begin from the beginning.

Back in 2009, I decided to go back to school at Texas A&M in Corpus Christi. Luckily for me, that semester the school was offering a game design and programming course. This is where I first met Gilbert Guerrero, our programmer. I’ve always wanted to make anime related games and so for this class I had an idea to make a 2D side scrolling adventure game, anime related of course. Gilbert and myself were paired up with 6 other people to make the game by the end of the semester. Sadly, a few weeks into the project all 6 of our teammates quit. However, 400 hours later Dragon 1/2 was made and showcased during our class presentation. The game was a success and soon after we realized we worked really well together as a team. Gilbert was the other half I was looking for to make games a reality and knew he needed to meet my crazy Asian friend Ryan Lingo.

Introducing Ryan to Gilbert was to say very entertaining and involving. Ryan got Gilbert interested in programming smartphone apps and games and after a year or so got both of us involved with a company called Polarity Blu. Our initial project was to create an Asian cook book for a restaurant owner in Baltimore. The only bad part was this company owned only iPhones and wanted the app written for iOS. Unfortunately, we had no programming and design knowledge of iOS and XCode. Therefore, Polarity Blu sent us a few Macs to get started. It was during this time, I would come up with Waifu Fight’s initial design and name, Kasumi Pong.

My first initial idea came because we needed something quick to program to learn basic XCode and iOS. Since we just finished our game design and programming course I figured Pong would be quick and simple. After a few hours I had an idea to put an object in the center of the field to block shots. Gil asked me, “What do you want to put there?” and I had no clue. After looking around for awhile I decided to use the background on my phone which was a provocative anime picture of Kasumi from Dead or Alive. We tossed her in and soon after the idea was born.. to have her boobs jiggle as a comedic joke. This fits the Japanese ecchi theme and well as being popular within the anime community. Since we couldn’t draw or animate anything we just put in an animated gif and controlled it with code. This concept worked really well and Kasumi Pong was born.

We knew we were on to something as soon as we showed it off at our board meeting. Everyone loved the concept and found it extremely hilarious. We left Polarity Blu shortly after and continued to work on Kasumi Pong, later to be called Dango Wars, Iromi’s Dango Wars, Waifu Wars, and finally….. Waifu Fight Dango Style!

Next week, I will start discussing our weekly design and implementation process. I will continue to keep you all up to date with each patch and how we are progressing. Remember to send me questions, concerns, or ideas to my Enso Email at James@ensoentertainment.com.

Till then, Keep all of your Dangos MIGHTY & have a wonderful weekend!

James Cruz

CEO & Game Designer